Quiet, Please!

Eminently innovatory artist creating beautiful songs full of plenteous arrangement ideas. Brisk folk, excellent lyrics, touching music with polyvocal and outstanding percussive sound. Genuine and both meditative and passionate work of art.

Jan Hocek, Jazzport.cz

Multimedia performance project “QUIET, PLEASE!” is a unique connection of music and visual art work of an award-winning authentic multiinstrumentalist and artist Milli Janatková. Songs from the actual album are based on the topic of calmness and balance searching. Excellent vocal, guitar and percussive play of the author is accompanied by the second drum set of a great jazz musician Jan Linhart. The performance is completed by Milli´s visual art projection and light design by Štěpán Škoch. The album has received the LIT Talent Awards (USA) in Best Inspirational Music category.

Quiet, please! is an audiovisual project containing new songs and a set of graphic art called “milliatures”. The project inspires to renew quietness and respect to our body and psyche. Each song with graphics is dedicated to a certain part of body. The songs (Hormonal, Anti-Anxiety, Ophthalmic, Respiratory, Cerebral etc.) help us to be aware of the fact that stress and fears may cause various health troubles. Trust, respect, love and tranquility as well as responsibility help curing. The songs are written and sung in Czech and also Latin as the historical language of medicine.

New album has been released in 2022 and Milli Janatková recorded all the vocals and instruments herself, as she did with the albums Transformation (2013) and Deep (2020), including her original music and lyrics. She is performing with her colleague Jan Linhart live.

Admirable songs, outstanding singer, guitarist and percussionist. Milli´s creative work is worth listening and discovering.

Milan Bátor, Český rozhlas / Czech Radio

Feelingful ballads, lyrics full of poetical images, full sound and playfull arrangements.

Tomáš S. Polívka, UNI Cultural Magazine

Music – Quiet, Please!

Hormonal song from the Quiet, Please! project has been honored with the nomination for The 15th Independent Music Awards 2016, USA.

Drawing and graphics

Milli has been creating anatomical drawings since 2014 according to the professional publication for medics written by Johannes W. Rohen, in which one can find photos of real anatomical preparation. These drawings are the base of black and white and coloured linocut prints that are cut and printed by the author herself – graphics “milliatures”.

The goal of the project is to get deeper knowledge of our body and psyche, their functions, perception of values of our personality and life. We all are responsible for our physical and mental health, and for the state of the world around. 

Milli has been working on this project since 2014 when she experienced hardships with her own health. There were so many troubles that she decided to make a multimedia project and get healthy and balanced, which was successfull, thanks God. 🙂

Quiet, Please! project contributors

Thank you all 65 generous contributors for 6385 EUR to support my project Quiet, Please!

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