About Milli

“Milli´s voice is very colorful with a deep immersion into human emotion. Her modesty
and human genuineness is outstanding.“ – Jazzport.cz

“Czech Björk.” – Bandzone.cz

A singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and visual artist, Milli Janatková is an eclectic artist who effortlessly interconnects artistic forms and genres. Apart from singing, she plays guitar, percussion, drums, and uses looping devices. Based in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic, she has visited countless places in Europe, Asia and the USA. She performed at festivals in India (West Bengal and Banglanatak.com collaboration), Nepal (Nepal Academy of Fine Arts), Denmark (Jødisk Kulturfestival) and Norway. She composed music for a Czech-Canadian musician Lenka Lichtenberg in her project The Thieves of Dreams that has won the prestigious JUNO Award – Global Music Album (Canadian Grammy Award). In 2010 Milli performed with a Brazilian guitarist Nelson Faria.

Milli has produced and released four solo albums – Quiet, Please! (2022), Deep (2020), To My Roots (2017) and Transformation (2013). Her music has been awarded the LIT Talent Music Awards, LIT Music of the Year, The Independent Music Awards (USA) and Classic Prague Awards (Crossover). Recently she has performed solo and worked on her new project IN RHYTHM.

In 2023 Milli was chosen from more than 200 bands to present her music live in the Šance Muzikus Final and won the slots at Czech festivals as Sázavafest. In the Czech Republic she performed at clubs and festivals as Jazz Goes to Town, Mandau Jazz, Colour Meeting, Cool v plotě, Theatrum Kuks, Space X, Folková Lipnice, Folkové prázdniny or Mezi ploty. She has been supported by SoundCzech and Arts and Theatre Institute to be a part of Czech delegation and present her music at the conferences All About Music in India, WestWay Lab in Portugal or Sharpe in Slovakia.

Her projects support respect to our ancestors, balance, health and global responsibility. Now she has focused just on her creative work after many years of teaching (Duncan Centre Dance Conservatory or Czech Technical University in Prague). Regarding her painting artwork, Milli creates aquarelles outside, in plain air. Her alluring paintings serve as a model for linocuts and matrices, artifacts testifying to the painstaking nature of the cutting process. Echoing the lightness of Milli’s artistic presence, the ethereal overtones of her aquarelles are contrasted by the richness of spacious linocut prints.

The content and execution of Milli’s works reflect her multifaceted artistic personality. If you want to experience the light touch, rest assured that Milli’s artistic creations and the depth of her soul will not disappoint.

“I enjoy bringing creative fields together in an instinctive way. I’m intrigued by the adventure of seeking and discovering the essence of things, which is something shared by all of us, regardless of what our roots are,” reveals Milli.


  • 2022: LIT Talent Awards, LIT Music of the Year – Quiet, Please!
  • 2022: LIT Talent Awards, LIT Music – Quiet, Please! (Best Inspirational Music)
  • 2022: Mělník Town Award – medail in memory of help in culture support
  • 2021: Rasamatee Samman (Kulo Creative Society, India, West Bengal)
  • 2019: The Independent Music Awards, USA – Vox Populi (World Traditional)
  • 2018: The Independent Music Awards, USA – Vox Populi (A Capella)
  • 2018: Classic Prague Awards – nomination of To My Roots (Crossover)
  • 2018: Mělník Town Award – plaquette for artistic representation
  • 2016: The Independent Music Awards, USA – four nominations
  • 2014: The Independent Music Awards, USA – four nominations for Proměna
  • 2010: Czech Anděl Award – nomination for katsa.theo project feat. Milli J.
  • 2008: IV. International Biennal of Graphics in Rokycany – honorable mention
  • 2007: Grafika roku – Graphics of the Year in Prague – honorable mention
  • 2006: III. International Biennal of Graphics in Rokycany – honorable mention


“I am convinced Milli Janatková creates works of art of an enduring value that deserve our support.” Milan Tesař, Proglas Radio, WMCE, Czech Radio Jazz, UNI Cultural Magazine

“An extraordinarily innovative artist who creates gems of songs that exceed songwriting with their incredible arrangement ideas. Solid folk, excellent lyrics, catchy songs with overtone singing and a distinctive percussive sound. Inner, meditative and passionate music. Milli´s voice and music is very colourful with a deep immersion into human emotion. Her modesty and true genuineness is outstanding.” Jazzport.cz, 2022

“Milli Janatková is a rare occurrence on our music scene. She has a remarkable number of talents and skills. Artistic, performer, musical and composer skills form the basis of her creative personality. And the nature of her work reflects this versatility. There is always something more to her music and more to her songs. Her work always reveals her respect for life, her self-awareness and self-development,” said Jiří Plocek, musician and publicist

“Milli Janatková’s work is extremely inspiring. But in this fast and busy time, one must stop and really listen to it to appreciate it. Watch how the music affects you, what images and thoughts it brings to mind. Let’s quieten down, find peace and let Milli’s music lead the way to a place of wellbeing. Each of her actions brings relief, faith and inner growth. And not only for Milli herself, but for her listeners, too. Experience it for yourself at one of her concerts.” Folktime.cz, 2022