IN RHYTHM is a new single and music video bringing energy for everyday challenges. It´s a part of Milli´s solo project with a topic of lightness and gratefulness for life.

Milli Janatková again recorded the song with all vocals and instruments herself, music and lyrics included, the same as she did with her albums Transformation, Deep and Quiet, Please!. Post-production was made by her colleague Štěpán Škoch and All Senses Production, with support of Kate Hamsíková from All Senses and Milli´s agent Kuba Neubert.

Terezín Memorial: “Hindsight of the beautiful performance of a Czech – Canadian musician Lenka Lichtenberg on pictures taken by our photographer Radim Nydl! Her concert together with a singer and composer Milli Janatková, violinist Rebekah Wolkstein and double bass player Joseph Philips was honoured with standing ovation. Thank you for your participation!”

And we thank Terezín Memorial for a wonderful and impressive place to perform, we were happy to play and sing for you!

Milli Janatková performed with a guitar master and great vocalist Štěpán Rak in Prague at Velký mlýn, Folk Mill scene. Thank Jiří Vondráček for invitation and wonderful stage and thank you all for coming and concentration. We all enjoyed this performance as we were touched to sing together with you.

Milli performed with her music, painting and she was a part of the workshop and exhibition at Nepal Academy of Fine Arts on April 15-18, 2024, in collaboration with BK ART Gallery. She met the most famous Nepali artists and chancellors of the academy that is the umbrella organization of Nepali artists, art researchers and art critics. She also collaborates with the Music Museum of Nepal. Milli´s creative journey was supported by the export office SoundCzech and project The Year of Czech Music. Articles and news are at NAFA´s website and Rashtriyadainik newspaper.

Milli Janatková is going to perform and show her paintings at the exhibition at Nepal Academy of Fine Arts in Kathmandu in April 2024. This author is also a part of the international collaboration between Czechia and India, West Bengal. She performed her original and Czech folk music in India where she was invited by the organization in 2018. The performances took place in Kolkata, Pingla and Tepentar. Also in November 2024 Milli´s going to perform and exhibit her artwork in West Bengal, collaborating with the best Bengali artists and interconnecting both nations through music and arts. In this project there are also other artists from such countries like Israel, the USA, Africa, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, France, Northern Ireland, Italy or Portugal.

The author herself made this video in India in September 2023 during her business trip to the music conference All About Music in Mumbai, supported by the export office SoundCzech. Shot in Maharastra state in Mumbai in buddhist and hindu temples Elephanta Caves, Mahakali Caves and in the state of Goa on the beach of Arambol and Sweet Lake. New music video from the project Quiet, Please! expresses the author´s journey to hopeful balance and good health. The video shares hope we all are able to support our balance and self-care in the most difficult and challenging moments in life.

New music video and Respiratory song from Milli´s project Quiet, Please! is about Milli´s journey from dark crisis (in 2014 – 2015) to hopeful balance and good health. Why is it coming out now? All things in life need their right time. And now it´s the right time.