Quiet, please!

Quiet, please! is a multimedia project containing new songs and a set of graphic art in progress - "milliatures". The project inspires to renew quietness and respect to our body and psyché. Each song with graphics is dedicated to a certain part of body. The songs (Hormonal, Anti-anxiety, Ophthalmic, Breathing, Thyroid etc.) help us to be aware of the fact that stress and fears may cause various health troubles. Trust, respect, love and tranquility helps to cure them. Most of the songs are written and sung in Latin as the historical language of medicine.

Recently Milli has focused on freedom of “voice in movement” that she has worked on since 2008. Fascinated by improvisation, her experimental approach uses her whole body—breath, voice, and movement—and rhythms “played on just about anything” to make music that combines elements of Jazz, Latin American, A Capella and World music, as well as experimental electronics and ambient music. She interconnects Quiet, please! songs with other projects To My Roots and Transformation, and interactive improvisation on audience´s topics. Milli´s solo performances contain a nice atmosphere of respect, trust and spontaneous communication.

Hormonal song from the Quiet, please! project has been honored with the nomination for The 15th Independent Music Awards 2016, USA! You can purchase this track below now and support Milli´s creative work. Choose your price for the Anti - Anxiety song!