The Horologe of Dreamers / The Crack of Foam

Milli Janatková has been cooperating with this project (and The Crack of Foam - The Horologe, electronics, looping, video projection and acoustic instruments) since 2010. The Horologe of Dreamers is an original instrument that was made by multimedia artist Jaroslav Kořán and his brother Michal Kořán from various objects they found in their South Czech village cottage in 1992. The most important period of the day for the dreamers and the most suitable time for playing the clinker is, undoubtedly, sunset. Those are the fugitive moments corresponding with the sound, the character of music and in particular the dreamers' feelings, emotions and sentiments. Silence, suitable acoustics and environment are necessary for playing and listening to The Horologe of Dreamers. Numerous unnamed aliquot tones affect themselves acoustically, which in turn inspire and liberate the musicians and listeners.

Jaroslav Kořán about The Horologe of Dreamers, 1992

Live Video

The Forgotten Orchestra of the Dreamer´s Land

The Forgotten Orchestra of the Dreamer´s Land performed music is comparable to changing weather. It depends on the instrumentation, the sound, and the mood of the players. It is a trip through the weather into the meadows and forests, homes, streets and railway stations. It is a dream journey to anywhere. The Forgotten Orchestra of the Dreamer's Land is a reflection of an experiment. It is concerned with creating a musical forum, where anyone can improvise his or her part without disturbing their partner, in order to attain mutual communication and spirit. Various musical instruments, sound media and musical styles are employed including visual projection creating various environments to experiment with. 

There are no stylistic boundaries or limits, but for the most part, the music tends to go in the direction of jazz or jazzrock, classical, ethnic, as well as experiment with different sounds.