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Milli Janatková is a distinctive singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, painter and lecturer naturally interconnecting genres and artistic fields. Based in the Czech Republic she has been travelling in Europe, India, USA, if possible. Milli has been performing since 2006 and exhibiting her artwork since 2003. Apart from singing, she has been playing the guitars, percussion, drums and looping.  

Milli Janatková is launching a project that includes a music album accompanied by a collection of artworks. Following her project To My Roots, the freshly released Hluboko / Deep album (2020) is based on her original arrangements of ancient Czech songs from the 10th to 15th centuries. Janatková began creatively exploring Czech culture after she used her songs to discover her own family roots in 2014. Milli has been arranging the oldest Czech musical heritage for four years. Prior to releasing her album, she won the Independent Music Award in New York for her song Buoh / God in the World Traditional category. The project is unique because the artist recorded, produced and released the album herself, as she did with her musical debut Proměna / Transformation (2013). You can hear her melodic polyphonic layers and sounds, as well as the rhythms of guitars, drums and various percussions. The visual side of the album is also important. Using colors, Janatková supplements songs with paintings of the oldest monuments of Romanesque architecture found in the Czech Republic.  

Her debut Transformation received four nominations for the Independent Music Awards. The album To My Roots (2017) received a nomination for the prestigious Classic Prague Awards, as well as the Independent Music Awards in New York, USA. Milli has also been working on her multimedia project Quiet, please! since 2014. Quiet, please! is an original project containing new songs and a set of graphic art, "milliatures". The project inspires to renew quietness and respect to our body and psyché. Each song with graphics is dedicated to a certain part of body. The songs (Hormonal, Anti-anxiety, Ophthalmic, Breathing, Thyroid etc.) help us to be aware of the fact that stress and fears may cause various health troubles. Trust, respect, love and tranquility helps to cure them. Most of the songs are written and sung in Latin as the historical language of medicine.

Milli Janatková's natural ability to interconnect various genres is really remarkable. Extraordinary, genuine recordings.”

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