• Milli Janatková Solo – “Quiet, please!” (“Klid, prosím!“) worked on since 2014, realized in 2016 and 2017
  • Milli Janatková Solo / Duo – “Homage to my Roots” (“Mým kořenům”) worked on since summer 2015, realized in 2016 and 2017 (in cooperation with pianist Marek Novotný)
  • Milli Janatková Duo / Trio (Milli Janatková- voc, g, Marek Novotný- p, Petr Tichý- b)
  • Ridina Ahmedová, Milli Janatková, Antonia Nyass – “Řekni mi” (vocal improvisation project)

Milli Janatková Duo / Trio link to „Proměna / Transformation“ solo project album released in February 2013. Original compositions, new songs and improvisation cross over Latin American rhythms, jazz and world music alternative genres.

Milli Janatková´s creative work takes in music, visual arts and dance. Her most personal instrument is her voice. She has studied within the study abroad programme at the Departments of Music and Theatre at the University of Évora, Portugal, which inspired her to use Portuguese in her songs. There were two singers, among others,– who inspired her in the classes during her journey — Portuguese singer, Joana Machado, and Polish jazz star Aga Zaryan. Apart from singing, Milli has been playing the guitar since childhood and, more recently, has added percussion and drums. Recently she has focused on the freedom of “voice in movement” she has worked on since 2008. Fascinated by improvisation, her experimental approach uses her whole body — breath, voice, and movement — and rhythms “played on just about anything” to make music that combines elements of jazz, Latin American and World music, as well as experimental electronics and ambient music.

Besides occasional musical cooperation and concerts (with Brazilian guitarist Nelson Faria, Portuguese accordeonist João Gentil, double- bassist Jaromír Honzák, Feng- Yün Song, Jana Koubková, Alan Vitouš) — and her regular trio— she has collaborated with singers Ridina Ahmed, Antonia Nyass and Jaroslav Kořán (the latter on his project Orloj snivců, Horologe of Dreamers). The recording “porto” with the experimental project “katsa.theo” was nominated for an Anděl 2010 Czech Music Award in Alternative music genre.

In February 2013, Milli Janatková released her debut album “Proměna” /Transformation/ and she has focused on solo concerts under the same title presenting songs from the album and incorporating improvisation with her voice, expressive movement, various instruments and loop station, against a backdrop of her original painting. She has transformed her painting into her hadmade performance dress. She adapts her songs for jazz arrangement as the Milli Janatková Quartet or Trio or Duo with pianist and composer Marek Novotný and double- bass player Petr Tichý and drums. “Proměna” album was nominated for independent Tais Awards 2014. Milli Janatková was also nominated in Female Singer Category, Tais Awards 2014. Milli´s album has been honored with great four nominations for The Independent Music Awards, USA in the categories Eclectic Album, Concept Album, A Capella song and Cover song.

Milli also leads creative workshops that bring together her rich experience with the voice, movement and visual arts. She was also teaching vocal improvisation classes and visual arts classes at Prague Duncan Centre Conservatory, from February 2010 to December 2014. Since 2014 and 2015 she has focused on her creative projects and relax. Projects “Mým kořenům” and “Quiet, please!” are going to be realized in 2016 and 2017.