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Milli Janatková- Proměna / Transformação / Transformation

Released: February 28, 2013


“Transformation” album has been honored with four nominations for The 13th Independent Music Awards, USA. “Proměna” has been also honored with two nominations for The Tais Awards 2014.

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Present, surprising, charming, floating, pulsating, changing, transforming. Just some of the attributes that come to mind while listening to Milli´s music. I know few musicians who are so sensitive, open and searching that one can discern their personality so clearly from their creative work. Above all, though, I feel she discovers herself through her music. Her musical soul seems to draw strength from her whole being and life experience, from all the joys and painful scars. One thought keeps coming back to me: the pain of experience can transform into a jewel of our life. I was afraid that a recording may not be the best medium to experience subtle magic you get from a live encounter with Milli and her voice. However, she is a powerful enchantress: she seems to conjure a piece of her soul through her breath or the sounds of water or percussive sticks, branches and pebbles that supplement her singing. What is it that touches my soul? Perhaps it’s a fascination with the uniqueness of every human being, of the personal and unrepeatable universe, its colourfulness and depth… not perfection, which isn’t even desirable. Milli lives, breathes, searches. For me, personally, it is inspirational to get close to her world.

Matouš Vlčinský (Supraphon Music Publishing, Prague, Czech republic)


”Transformation” authentically records, in an almost diary- like way, an eighteen- month period of my life. It sets down a sequential process of songs that grew out of free improvisation, whose motifs gradually coalesce. The resulting shape is far from definite; each of the songs has its own life and goes on transforming, along with my musical and personal experience. My inspiration during this time was my personal process of transformation and self- knowledge. Through greater awareness of my own way of thinking and behaviour and understanding my fears and limitations a new space opened to me in which I could set aside or change my anxious thoughts and trust in myself to overcome my fear. The songs of ”Transformation” touch on my darkness and sadness, as well as the glimmers of light, playfulness, hope, joy and inner silent calmness that help me to find what I have been searching for in my life.

 Milli Janatková


All of the songs are interlinked by the philosophy of the lyrics, the atmosphere, the vocal parameters, the emotional and instrumental elements. These links occur within the category of my self development, self knowledge, searching and finding personal faith and trust. The faith and trust are closely connected to natural background, symbolically represented by vocalized sounds of waters, winds or animals in the recording. The links to the album photography is easily observed. The meditative dance, the relaxed connection within water, the embracing of tree branches reveal the interconnection with nature as well as the support nature provides.

The authentic instrumentation ( manipulation of tree branches, pebbles, poppy-seed heads, husks, dried leaves, water or the thunder drum) evokes the feeling of natural atmosphere of the inner journey to the self – the journey of that transformation of some of the psychological aspects of my personality, moving from unhappiness toward contentment. This process of a period of eighteen months of my life was recorded as a confession, an expedition from pain to calmness, the most genuine expression of my own potential.

Nowadays, this topic seems to be very important for most of us who want to live our own lives, to go on searching for and reaching personal goals. We reach these goals independently in this commercial urban society which neglects the spiritual aspects of life. We have too much stress, noisiness, unhealthy lifestyle and we are too far from nature. The songs are universal in theme as they touch topics which we all know, need and seek- our fears and tears, our pains and joys can be embraced by calmness and health, if we open ourselves toward trust and the geniuneness of our deepest self.

 Milli Janatková about the album concept


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