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Nové CD “Mým kořenům” ze stejnojmenného projektu vyšlo s jarem! Poslechnout ukázky a zakoupit CD můžete ZDE přes Supraphon. Zvu Vás také ku počtení recenze v JazzPort a Rock&All.

Oficiální videoklip “Má zlatá matička” je na světě, podívejte se, jak vznikal! /// Watch the new Official Music Video “My Dear Mother” and how we made it!

Záznam atmosféry křtu CD je zde: /// You can watch a nice atmosphere of the CD launch party: 

Česky si o Milli můžete počíst ZDE. Pokud uvítáte prozatimní anglickou verzi webu, prosím pokračujte dále. Děkuji za pochopení. ///

New “To My Roots” CD relasing in the spring, you can get it on Supraphon website where you can listen to some samples!

Do you want to know more about the recording process? See the video here:

Let´s watch a new single for helpers of people with special needs. The topic is connected to “To My Roots” project with the need of respect to health and other people however different they are…


Let me tell you great news that my mixed-media “Homage To My Roots” project has been supported HERE, I´m really thankful! I was also informed I have been honored again with four nominations for The 15th Independent Music Awards, USA in 2016! 


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Èeské Budìjovicke rozhlas

Milli´ s new projects and songs (“Homage to My Roots” and “Quiet, please!”) are realized in 2017. Also performance dress and jewels handmade of  Milli´s original tree painting and graphics are alive!

Milli´s “Transformation / Proměna” debut album AVAILABLE on Indies records or Supraphon Publishing ONLINE! Milli´s artwork available on and or just simply contact Milli directly HERE.

Milli Janatková, an original singer, musician, composer and artist from Prague, Czech Republic  has been honored with four nominations for The 15th Independent Music Awards USA in 2016, the influential awards program for independent bands and fans. Milli´s songs also have been honored with four nominations for The 13th Independent Music Awards, USA in 2014! 




Nov 4 2013


…“Proměna” album is a beautiful example of a work of art which is never boring and from which irradiates joy and the desire to tell the world something important but without words …   Thanks to the combination of interesting vocal aspects, rhythm variations and colors of acoustic instruments album “Proměna” is an inspirational work of art.”

(Milan Tesař, Radio Proglas, cultural magazine UNI, no. 6/ 2013)

“… constantly exploring and unafraid of risk. It seems we found the recipe how to become successful. In the case of .. Milli Janatková we can mention Warren Beatty´s words: “ You´ve achieved success in your field when you don´t know whether what you´re doing is work or play.”

… Milli Janatková is an unusually multitalented artist.” 

(Milan Šefl, Týdeník Rozhlas (weekly magazine of the Czech radio / “Český rozhlas”, no. 17/2013)